Create Your Storybrand

9 Modules

The Benefits of the Storybrand Framework

The StoryBrand framework is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate their brand message effectively to their target audience. Developed by Donald Miller, a best-selling author and business consultant, the StoryBrand framework is a seven-part process that helps businesses clarify their brand message and tell a compelling story that resonates with their customers.

Module 1: Introduction to StoryBrand Framework

- What is the StoryBrand Framework?
- Why use StoryBrand for your website?
- How StoryBrand can improve your website's conversions

Module 2: Crafting Your Brand Story

- Defining your brand story
- Identifying your target audience
- Understanding your audience's pain points
- Addressing your audience's needs and desires

Module 3: Creating a Clear Value Proposition

- Defining your unique selling proposition
- Crafting a clear value proposition that addresses your audience's needs and desires
- Communicating your value proposition through your website copy

Module 4: Designing Your Website

- Principles of StoryBrand website design
- Choosing the right website layout
- Creating a clear and simple navigation
- Using images and graphics to support your brand story

Module 5: Writing Website Copy

- Writing headlines that grab attention
- Crafting compelling copy that engages your audience
- Using the StoryBrand framework to structure your website copy
- Using calls-to-action to drive conversions

Module 6: Building a Lead-Generation Funnel

- Creating a lead magnet to entice visitors to join your email list
- Designing a landing page that converts
- Creating a follow-up email sequence that nurtures your leads

Module 7: Optimizing Your Website

- Understanding search engine optimization (SEO)
- Optimizing your website for SEO
- Using social media to drive traffic to your website

Module 8: Putting It All Together

- Reviewing your website using the StoryBrand framework
- Making final tweaks and adjustments
- Launching your new StoryBrand website

Modules for this class 9
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